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The original internationally renowned psychic, clairvoyant and medium. Est 1990.

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Tel: 01530510632 or  07880661583

UK & International telephone readings and one to one readings.

About Carole

Call now for your reading:  01530510632 or 07880661583

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♥  £33 for a minimum 20 minute telephone reading.

♥  £35 for a minimum 20 minute telephone reading with

  tape recording.

♥  £35 one to one.

♥  No extra charge when we go over time.

♥ Available for parties (minimum of 4 people).

♥ The hostess of a party of 6 or more will receive a free reading.

I have been a successful full-time psychic since 1990, when I opened the Midlands first Alternative Therapy Centre and New Age shop called Crystal Kingdom. My work in the psychic and spiritual fields led me to teach Psychic Development classes, Meditation, Self-help workshops, Reiki courses and Pilgrimage trips to Lourdes.


My telephone and readings clientele extends to America, Hong Kong, Australia, the Falkland Islands and Spain throughout the world. I have also been on various TV programmes in Europe, and on Central TV and Channel 4 here in England and on various radio stations (such as BBC’s Leicester Sound, June 2010), and as featured in Take A Break's "Fate and Fortune" magazine.


In the 1980s when I opened up with several psychic abilities, literally overnight, I suddenly started seeing visions through the 3rd eye; Future events, disasters, peoples loved ones now gone. I had clairvoyance, which means far seeing, and clairaudiance, which means hearing people talk from other dimensions. I also developed mediumship, psycomatry and clairsentience.

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