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The original internationally renowned psychic, clairvoyant and medium. Est 1990.

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"Carole is an empathic and intuitive psychic, who can always sense the real issues often hidden in any situation. Her insight's are revealing and often inspirational, and above all truthful. I would always consult Carole in any situation when an accurate and honest appraisal is needed, as she can always help to guide and inspire through life's many obsticles."


Isobel Parr, Leicestershire.


"I have known Carole for 6 years and my life changed from day one. Carole has guilded me upon my spiritual path. I have had amazingly accurate readings throughout the years and have and still do enjoy and learn from Caroles classes and excursions. Carole is an inspiration to me and i am sure to many others. I would recommend Carole to anyone needing guildance in their lives."


- Jane, Coalville

"Brilliant.....everything I needed was covered by carole and she was spot on with everything. I am a regular customer of Carole's as I think she is brilliant at looking ahead and giving me clarity on my life."


- Review from Yell.Com

Well Worth It!!

"Carole has been supporting me to manage my life for over 20 years, each year I have a reading to help me plan my goals and prepare for any difficulties. I have found Carole to be very friendly, funny and incredibly warm and compassionate. The readings are always realistic, enlightening and amazingly accurate, I have discovererd parts of my self during a reading that would have taken years to find in therapy.Thank you Mandy."

- Review from Yell.Com

101% Recommendation for Carole's Readings

"Carole has been guiding me for almost four years now and in these years she has helped me grow in every aspect of my life - emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Carole's readings are always precise, honest and problem solving. Through her constant guidance, sincerity, commitment and sense of humour I have been able to find myself as a person, become stronger through my challenges and live a prosperous life in every possible way. She is my guide and friend. I recommend you 101% to call her for a reading."

- Review from Yell.Com

The Genuine Article

"I have had several readings from Carole and always found her to be excellent. She is honest, realiable with a down to earth style. I really would not imagine going to anyone else. Highly recommended to anyone."

- Review from Yell.Com

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