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The original internationally renowned psychic, clairvoyant and medium. Est 1990.

Tel: 01530510632 or  07880661583

A psychic reading is an opportunity for you to learn about your future. A reading aims to help and guide you through the communication received from your spirit guide/loved ones. I have developed my 6th sense to enable me to quite accurately and clearly see what lies ahead for people. I tend to look at your pathway for the next 12 months, and focus on the major significant forthcoming events.


Let me help you with your problem, I will use my extensive psychic,spiritual,clairvoyant & mediumship skills to see what will happen in your coming year.


I will tell you about your relationship and about what the other person thinks of you. I can focus on anyone in your life, and tell you how they feel about you or what they think of you.


Your questions answered on any one or any subject.

Each reading is thorough and in depth and can be recorded on cassette tape for your future listening and reference. Each taped reading is also a record of your life, your past, present and future, it’s a diary of a year in the life of You. It’s a record of your thoughts, aspirations, hopes and achievements at that point in your life. It’s fun to listen to your tapes a year or more after the reading too.




Readings via the telephone are just as accurate as if you were sitting opposite me, they allow you to have YOUR reading NOW!


See what others say about Carole – Carole was recently ’road tested‘ by readers of Fate and Fortune magazine.


You can read amazing reviews of Carole psychic abilities on by clicking here.

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